28 April, 2022

Zipline in Georgia

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The summer season is associated not only with the high temperature, but also with outdoor activities, hiking, and extreme adrenaline rush, especially - for lovers of extreme adventure. One such means of entertainment is the extreme attraction Zipline, which has been very popular in Georgia in recent years.

A zipline is a roller moving on a stretched steel cable, which allows safe access from one point to another.

There are 18 active ziplines in Georgia today and the largest 1200-meter zipline is located in Tbilisi, which runs from Turtle Lake to Vake Park. The price is 50 GEL for everyone.

What should we consider before using the zipline attraction?

On the recommendation of the Zipline Federation:

  • Before using any zipline, it is advisable to check the safety and quality of service in the federation.
  • Any zipline may not work in case of technical problems, bad weather, rain, and wind.
  • Before booking a zipline, read the detailed description of the zipline you want.

The list of active ziplines in Georgia, according to their location, size and price, looks like this:

Turtle Lake - 1200 meters • 50 GEL

Narikala - 280 meters • 50 GEL

Sighnaghi - 400 meters • 50 GEL

Sairme - 800 meters • 50 GEL

Kinchkha - 650 meters • 50 GEL

Adjara, Keda - 550 meters • 70 GEL

Zipline on Turtle Lake

The longest (continuous) zipline in Georgia and even in Europe is located on Turtle Lake.

The zipline is 1200 meters long and it runs from Turtle Lake to Vake Park. It is possible to accommodate two people side by side at the same time and the duration of the run is 1 minute & 30 seconds.

The cost of the zipline is 50 GEL.

Zipline in the Botanical Garden

It is possible to enter the Botanical Garden by zipline from Narikala Fortress. The distance between the two platforms of the Zipline Narikala attraction is 270 meters, and the height is 30 meters. Three people can access the attraction at the same time. Zipline Narikala has both fast and medium speed access modes and can be used by children.

Zipline on Makhuntseti (Adjara)

In the beautiful nature of the mountains of Adjara, a 512-meter-long zip line stretches which will give you the memories of a lifetime. The zipline starts from the beginning of the Makhuntseti waterfall and ends at the end of Queen Tamar's bridge. On the way, you will pass a beautiful waterfall, picturesque mountains, the river Adjaristskali, and ATS HPP. Makhuntseti Zipline includes 1 zipline and 2 ropes.

Zipline in Mestia (Svaneti)

The zipline is located in Mestia, Svaneti. It is 50 meters long and is located at 1500 meters above sea level. Zipline is the best attraction for extreme lovers. The zipline runs daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. However the admission depends on the weather.

Zipline on Tskhrajvari (Racha)

If you are looking for extreme adventures in Racha, then the zipline on Tskhrajvari is for you. This is the most extreme zip line in Georgia, which will give you an adrenaline rush. The attraction operates from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Zipline in Sighnaghi (Kakheti)

In Sighnaghi, in the garden near Baratashvili Street, an extreme attraction called zipline operates with a length of 390 meters. The price here is the same, 50 GEL.

Zipline in Sairme (Imereti)

In Imereti, the zipline is arranged in Sairme resort and near Kinchkhi waterfall. In Sairme you will find an 800-meter section that runs from the mountains to the park. It operates from 10:00 to 19:00; the price is 50 GEL. The zipline is divided into two sections of 500 and 300 meters.

The best period to use the zipline starts in April and lasts until November. Attraction is open to the visitor all day long, on average until 10 pm.

It is quite convenient to use zipline tours. Why? If you want to access other locations from Tbilisi by zipline, the route is prepared in advance. In addition to this, it is a perfect possibility to try zipline for the first time. Thus, you will get maximum enjoyment from the extreme adventure as long as professional instructors provide a safe environment.

Zipline tours are carried out in compliance with all safety rules and norms, as the process is led by professional, certified instructors who provide the necessary training to tour participants.

The technical safety of the zipline is also fully ensured. With the help of special magnetic wheels, the speed is balanced, and the braking system is fully maintained and protected. In addition, audio and video controls are underway at the start and end of the tour to ensure complete safety monitoring.

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