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Ateshgah is an ancient fire temple located at Gomi Street in Kldisubani, Tbilisi. It is one of the most important and interesting monuments of the city. The temple has been significantly reconstructed however its original structure can be seen in its interior. The Temple of Fire must have been built here in the VI century. Some information about spreading of Zoroastrianism in Tbilisi in the early Christian era has been preserved by Georgian written sources. From the very beginning of urban life, the conditions for strengthening Zoroastrianism were created in the IV-VI centuries, when Kartli(Georgia) came under the influence of Iran. During this period, along with the Christian bishop, there was a so-called "Bishop of Persia". Ateshgah was transformed into a mosque by the Turks who ruled Tbilisi in 1724 and partially changed its appearance. The building is built entirely of brick and is almost square in shape. The dome is currently collapsed. The brick structure of the ancient temple was transformed into a mosque with a completely new, brick on the outside. As a result of the rebuilding, the compatibility of the interior and exterior is completely disrupted. Ateshgah was reflected on the paintings of many travelers at different times, as well as on the plans and old photographs of Tbilisi. The ancient Zoroastrian fire temple is one of the most important sights of Tbilisi.

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