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Best time to visit: All Season

Batumi Contact Zoo - Zootopia is located in Adjara, Batumi, at 88 Gorgiladze Street, on the 4th floor of Batumi Mall. The contact zoo is one of the best places for animal lovers. It is a pleasant and fun environment for people of any age, but it is especially attractive for little children. In addition to visiting various fauna in zootopia, you can also feed sea pigs, hedgehogs, rabbits or other harmless, beloved creatures with your own hands. Here you can also see parrots, chickens, squirrels, chameleons, snakes, lemurs, various small breeds of monkeys, etc. In zootopia you will be able to get your little childs used to interacting with animals, provide more information about the zoo in a cheerful, positive environment, and have a fun and exciting day with your family.

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