Batumi Europe Square

Batumi Europe Square

Park / Garden

About Batumi Europe Square

Best time to visit: All Season

Batumi Europe Square is located on Memed Abashidze Avenue in Adjara, Batumi. It is also called Era Square. The square, surrounded by XIX-XX century architecture, is one of the city's attractions. Here stands a statue of Medea, which holds a symbol of the glory and cultural development of old Colchis - the golden fleece. The large fountain and the beautiful buildings of past centuries make this place attractive. Hotels, restaurants and cafes are located around the square, where you can have a pleasant rest and taste the most delicious dishes. Here you can also visit the Batumi Circus and enjoy the magical sights. Europe Square is one of the most wonderful places in Batumi for relaxation and fun.

Tags: #Nature #Garden #Park


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