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According to the myth, in the east of village Kakaskhidi, there was a village which was inhabited by people whose last names were Beridze.These people moved here in 1579. They were made to leave Akhaltsikhe because muslim communities made it impossible for them to live there,.That’s why this village is called Berieti. It looks like their last name.Supposedly in 17th-18th centuries village Berieti was one of the bases on the road to Zekari Valley. Berieti must have been quite big and developed village which is seemingly distinct in its ruins.There are ruins of the church which is more or less well-preserved.There is a cross on the church door.There is a writing on the door: „The cross of glory.“On August 2 there is Berietaoba and people from neighbouring villages come and celebrate this religious day.This day coincides with the day of St. Elia.

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