Cheremi St. George\'s Church Cheremi St. George\'s Church Cheremi St. George\'s Church Cheremi St. George\'s Church Cheremi St. George\'s Church Cheremi St. George\'s Church

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St. George's Church is located in the center of the village Cheremi. The church was constructed in the late Middle Ages. It is a hall, built of an irregular pile of crushed stone. The outer corners of the building are made of much larger, more or less processed stones. From the exterior, the door-window openings are lined with pure cut sandstone and shirim stone. The interior is plastered and whitewashed. The church has two entrances - from the south and from the west. The south door ( bricked up) is rectangular and is enclosed in a semicircular arch-finished area on the outside. The facade of the arch is much smaller than the width of the recess and rests on sandstone imposts, the profile of which consists of a shelf, a shaft, and a slightly concave surface (similar to the rest of the imposts in the church). The entrance inside is rectangular as well. There is a semicircular tympanum on top of it. The west door, which was later slightly narrowed, is covered with solid wooden poles on both sides.

The church stands on a one-step plinth, a small bell tower was built on the west wall (the foundation is preserved). In 2010, the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia carried out rehabilitation works on the monument. During this process stone-stepped ledge was made, the church was tiled.

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