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Chikiani Mountain- is located in Samtskhe-Javakheti, in the municipality of Ninotsminda, in the north part of the Javakheti mountain range. The height is 2415 meters. From the hill, picturesque views are spread out. Chikiani mountain is created by the neogenic rhyolites and its draught obsidian veins. The mountainsides of it are covered with subalpine fields and herbaceous plants. Here is also the Paravani obsidian layer. Nearby the Chikiani Mountain, there was discovered a “workshop”, for creating instruments and tools in the Paleolithic era. It is known as the “Workshop in the Open-air”. Not a hundred miles away, there is also situated a megalithic monument, dated to the Bronze Age- Chikiani menhir (stone pillar). In old times, this statue had a cultic prescription. Marvelous surroundings and ancient history are why this place has surprisingly attractive.

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