Dekhviri Fortress

Dekhviri Fortress

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Dekhviri fortress is located in Lechkhumi, near the village of Dekhviri. It is a monument from the High Medieval Period. The fortress was first mentioned in written sources in the 17th century. The building is preserved in the form of ruins today. Dekhviri fortress stood on the watershed of the Tskhenistskali and Lajanuri rivers and controlled a significant part of the valleys of these rivers. In the XVI-XVIII centuries, the fortress was part of the Kingdom of Imereti together with Lechkhumi and was owned by the kings of Imereti. In the XVIII century, it became part of the Samegrelo principality. In 1802, the fortress was occupied by King Solomon II of Imereti, but a few years later it was returned to the principal of Samegrelo by the Russian authorities.

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