Chinchao Lake is a crater-like origin lake, which is located in Guria, at 2500 meters from the sea level.

The lake is not very big, but it’s very beautiful and at this height, it fills you with unforgettable emotions and expressions.

From Chinchao Lake there is a famous Gomi Mountain which is connected to Bakhmaro with unsurfaced, dirt road, about 40 km long. On the way to Bakhmaro, from Gomi Mountain you can see that magnificent beauty of nature, fill with love of the creativity of the land and the picturesque views all around and went on your journey.

The distance from Gomi Mountain to Chinchao Lake is 11 km, from Tbilisi- 350 km.

y traffic you can get as far as Ozurgeti, then you can catch a taxi and reach Gomi Mountain. From Gomi Mountain there is both, passenger path, as well as dirt road (only for 4X4 cars). It’s for you to decide, but I advise you to walk by foot, as you will see every little prettiness of nature that way.