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Are you traveling in Tbilisi? Are you searching for family entertainment and shopping in single area? Than East point is the best choice you can make in the city!


One of the biggest shopping centers in the capital of Georgia is famous for the diversity of entertainment zones for both children and adults. There’s a whole floor full of roller coasters and all kids of amusement for kids. Adults can enjoy bowling and billiard halls in the same area.

Cavea movie theater is also presented with one of Its biggest and highly equipped branch. Huge 3D monitor combines with spectacular sound system in the IMAX hall, this one you should definitely experience on your own!


Shopping center is constructed as several building complex where pretty much everything can be found. Accessories, any kinds of clothes and household appliances. Hyper market Carrefour is presented by one of its biggest branch. So is the huge distributor of construction materials – Domino.


There are fast food restaurants: McDonald’sWendy’s and etc. also you can find some fresh fruits and vegetables in healthy food stores. If your desire is to taste traditional dishes, you won’t be disappointed as the restaurant Tabla is ready to host you in.


East point is located in the extreme east of the town but diversity of transport can be used to get there. You can use mini bus, taxi, the combination of metro and bus from every part of Tbilisi. Public transport costs around 1 georgian lari for each use. Taxi fare from city center is maximum 10 georgian lari and 15 from suburbs.

If you are traveling with your own car, no need to worry about the parking space as east point has several huge free zones for that. Also the chargers for electric cars are available. 

Please visit the web page of the shopping and entertainment city – East point for additional information: https://ny.eastpoint.ge/

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Recommended duration
3 hours
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