Hatsvali is one of the closest peak to Mestia. It's a great destination in Svaneti not only in winter but also in summer because there are stunning views from Hatsvali mountain. There is a cafe named Zuruldi on top of Hatsvali and it's working on all season. You have to experience drinking Glintwine (Mulled Wine) in Zuruldi and watching Ushba at least once in your life. Especially when you are tired of skiing.

Hatsvali doesn't have long tracks, it has only three lifts, one for beginners and others for intermediate or expert skiers. One of this lifts is new, which is open afterDecember 23, 2017 and it connects the city to the resort. The main lift takes about 12 minutes to lift you up, it's very slow and you need very warm cloth in winter not to freeze on the lift. Longest track is around 2.8 kilometers but it has a wide range of difficulties. You can choose easy track and finish very fast or you can go to the forest and spend all your energy on one descent. Hatsvali is a school for freeriding. You can find almost any king of terrain here, forest, natural ramps, very steep descends, natural obstacles and much more. Hardest route for me is under the lift because it's very steep and you can't see what's going on ahead of you. You need to know the track by heart and remember every tree, every hole and every ramp which is extremely hard. So if you are expert in freeriding you can still find some routes on Hatsvali ski resort to challenge yourself.

The most memorable thing on Hatsvali is Zuruldi cafe, which is very close to heaven from my point of view. When you are tired of skiing and sit down in cafe, drink some wine and look at the beautiful Ushba and feel how small you are against mountains and how lovely are this mountains. And then, after glass of wine, you put your snowboard on and ride again with new energy. If you have a chance to be in Mestia during winter don't miss a chance, it's very cheap to try skiing even for one day.

Hatsvali ski resort is about 6 kilometers away from Mestia city. But now you don't need a car to get there, as there is a new cable car from mestia city, which connects the city and resort together.

Daily ski pass in Mestia costs only 20 GEL (approx. 7 EUR) and cost of ski rental is the same. You can rent skies in the center of Mestia, on the opposite side of hotel Svaneti. Staff is very experienced and pleasing, they also have snow shoes and avalanche equipement if you are going to ride in powder.

If you would like to try more powder and much bigger ski resort you can visit Tetnuldi ski resort which is only 15 kilometers away from Mestia.

Here is map of Hatsvali ski resort:
hatsvali ski resort map