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2,970 Area
area, km2
26,128 Population

About Dusheti

Dusheti is the city and the administrative centre of Dusheti municipality within Mtskheta-Mtianeti region. It is situated in Dusheti valley at both banks of the river Dushetistskali, at 900 MSL.

Dusheti was the place of the residence of the Eristavi (squires) back in XVII who was controlling the administrative territory. After the administrative unit has been annulled the significance of Dusheti has decreased. In the 1756 year Dusheti has been assigned the status of the feudalism city and in the 1802 year, it became the centre of the Dusheti Mazra.

in the city, you can find production, education cultural and entertainment facilities. there is a theatre, history museum, geophysical observatory, IX-X century Saint George church, XVII century castle of Chilashvili family.

Important sights

Ananuri Fortress, churches of the Bodorna and Mchadijvari, defensive towers and living complexes in villages of the Pshav-Khevsureti and Mtiuleti.

Things to do: 37
area, km2: 2,970
Population: 26,128
42.084644 , 44.69586
Recommended duration: 1 day

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