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About Ethno House inn

Best time to visit: All Season

The region of Tianeti has been given the status of Green Municipality, which means fresh air and a healthy environment. 

''Ethno House'' is located in the region of Tianeti, specifically in Daba Tianeti, on #4 Niko Firosmani street. 1106 meters from the level of the sea. 200 meters from Kujana garden, 700 meters from the auto station, 900 meters from river Iori, 2 kilometers from river Kusno and 4 kilometers from river Sagami. 27 kilometers from lake Sioni.

The house is located in a calm neighbourhood. Yard area is 1400 square meters, which includes a little garden and different kinds of fruits and vegetables and is completely green through summers. 

The house itself has two stories, 250 square meters in total. There are 3 bedrooms with a shared bathroom for now and equipped with comfortable beds. Also shared guestroom, kitchen, and balconies.  In winter central heating and especially the fireplace make it even cosier and makes you feel like home. House is newly renovated and equipped with TV (with channels from various countries of the world) and free wifi to communicate with civilization. Overall here you can find everything you need to have a nice calm vacation in Georgian mountains. 

In summers air temperature during daylight is +25 to +32 degrees Celsius and evenings are a little chillier like +20 degrees Celsius. Winters are cold and snowy, very white and beautiful, with the temperature -17 to +3 degrees Celsius.  

In ''Ethno House'' you will often hear music, the rarest folk songs are performed by different art groups. Hosting group of singers is called ''Mcheli'' which includes two members of the hosting family. 

''Ethno house'' also offers you variable tours and masterclasses. There you can experience fishing, cooking national traditional meals, farming, planting, harvesting, making a vodka-like drink called "Jipitauri", also listen and sing national songs, so it will never be boring with us.  

Welcome to ''Ethno House'' !!!

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599319819; 59940****
Duration: 1 day
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Price for 1 person:
Overnight stay25 Gel
Overnight stay with Breakfast 
      35 Gel
Preparation of traditional dishes (Making of khinkali; baking khachapuri; preparation of curd cheese (seasonally); Jipitauri- Making local vodka (seasonally))30 Gel
Fishing tour (Fishing on the Iori River or on the Sioni Reservoir. Seasonally)20 - 30 Gel
Agro tour (Milking a Cow; Harvesting E.T.C )30 Gel
Folk tour (45-minute program (live performance of Georgian-folk songs) + masterclass. Learning 1 song)    Minimum 6 Person)
50 - 60 Gel
Hiking-picnic and visit local sights
       30 Gel

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Jarek Szlachetko
Jarek Szlachetko

Hi, Do you have a room for 2 adults available for 1 night please?


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599319819; 59940****