Pridon Khalvashi House Museum

Pridon Khalvashi House Museum

About Pridon Khalvashi House Museum

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Pridon Khalvashi House Museum- is located in Achara, in the municipality of Keda, in the village of Gegelidzes. The museum is organized in the same house, where the famous writer, poet, and public figure, Pridon, himself was born. The museum opened in 2012. Here the visitors can see the manuscripts of Pridon Khalvashi, photo materials from his biographic moments, private things, and most interesting, his own library and book collections. The writer was born in 1925, and passed away in 2010, in Kheda, in his native home. He owns the laureate of the Shota Rustaveli Prize. For some time, he even was the chairman of the Georgian Writers Union in Achara.

Tags: #History #Culture #Museum #Historical Monument

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