Glamping Georgia- Krikhi

Glamping Georgia- Krikhi

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Located in Racha, in the village of the region of Ambrolauri, in Krikhi, appeared first Glamping cottage, called - Glamping Georgia Krikhi. The word “Glamping” is created in our era, and unites two different things- Glamour and Camping, at the same time. How it is possible? Glamping is a place, where the nature meets the comfort. This means, that you can have the maximum comfort into the wild. You are so close to the nature, and steel, you are in a luxury place. There are only two cottages yet, and the Summer of 2018 is the first season, when it will have guests. The buildings have marquee styled covering up. Inside there are washrooms, mini- kitchen with a toaster and a fridge, mini movie theatre, free WIFI and a private bathroom. All units come with a terrace and a balcony, with mountain views.… In a nutshell, there are all conditions to feel like you are resting in a high class hotel. In one cottage can stay 4 people. Just imagine yourself, in a rainy day, listening to your favourite music, reading books and sitting here, in front of your eyes there will be majestic views of mountains, raindrops, and mist and fog all around.

Or maybe, the best thing one can do when it's raining is just … to let it rain... And watch movies in a Mini Glamping Theatre. A buffet breakfast can be enjoyed on the property too. What else do you want? There is a garden at this property and guests can go cycling nearby, or just roam around the forest and “follow the white rabbit” ! (just like once Alice in Wonderland did- believe me, there won’t be less fun)

Other Information:

  • There is a "Saturday Market" in 1,8 km away and "Taverna Krikhula" restaurant in 2 km away from the cottages.
  • River Krikhula is in 0,1 km away from the cottages.
  • River Khoteura -0,2 km away.
  • Shaori Lake is 18 km away.
  • Kutaisi is 46 km from the luxury tent.
  • The closest International Airport is -Kutaisi International Airport, 66,7 km away.

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