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About Gudarekhi Monastery Hike – 4 Jun

Best time to visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn

Let’s celebrate the beginning of summer with a lovely short hike to the ruins of Gudarekhi Monastery. The trail combines brilliant views with a scenic forest walk. It’s a perfect tour for novice hikers and doesn’t require hiking shoes! After the hike we will have plenty of time to enjoy the forest and have a picnic.

👉Date: Sun 4 Jun

👉Duration: 1 day

👉Driving distance: 140 km

👉Trip difficulty: easy

👉Group size: Min. 5 participants

👉Pick-up: 10:00, Samaia Garden, Tbilisi

👉Drop-off: Around 19:00 (The arrival time will depend on the traffic)

👉Price: 120 GEL

👉Trail parameters:

Difficulty: Easy (perfect for beginners)

Distance: 6 km – A to A (roudway)

Min. elevation: 1052 m.a.s.l.

Max. elevation: 1202 m.a.s.l.

Total uphill: 268 m

Approximate hiking time: 3-4 hrs.

Trail description: An easy-to-follow trail along a ground road. The road leads through a picturesque forest. It has several very manageable uphills. The hike can be done in sport’s shoes.


We will leave Tbilisi in the morning and head to the tiny village of Gudarekhi, located a few kilometers away from Tetritskaro. Upon arrival, we will first take a closer look at the medieval Gudarekhi Tower, which once was a part of a signaling system built across the Algeti region. Next, we will hike through a lovely, pristine forest to the remnants of the Gudarekhi Monastery commissioned in the 13th century. Gudarekhi is built of well-hewn stones, with richly incrusted and decorated façades. After the hike, if the weather permits, we will have time to enjoy a picnic lunch near the monastery. Remember to bring your favorite snacks! Return to Tbilisi in the late afternoon. The end of the tour.


✅4WD Transfers

✅Sightseeing/ hiking itinerary with an English-speaking guide

tour is non refundable

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Duration: 1 day

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