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Best time to visit: Winter, March

Hatsvali Ski Resort is located in Svaneti about 8 Km away from Mestia. The highest altitude above sea level is 3248 meters, and the minimum elevation is 1868 meters MSL. It’s quite easy to reach Hatsvali ski resort from Mestia. Mestia and Hatsvali are connected with each other by the automobile road and the six chair ski lift. However, Mestia-Hatsvali ski lift is closed in summer, and travelers will need a car for transportation. The road is paved and any kind of car will be able to go to Hatsvali ski resort, in case the automobile is arranged to move on the snow. Another transportation opportunity is to take a taxi in the center of Metia and go to Hatsvali ski resort that’s super easy.

The Ski Tracks

The resort offers skiers four active ski lifts which are open from 10:00 AM to 17:00.

The ski lift Hatsvali connects Mestia to Hatsvali Ski Resort. The ski lift starts moving in Mestia from 1428 meters above the sea level and goes up to 1898 meters MSL.

Bigel and Slalom are small types of ski lifts which are for the beginner skiers.

Zuruldi is the main four chair ski lift, which starts moving from the 1868 meters above the sea level to 2348 meters MSL.

There are five ski tracks and the overall length is 7 km. The longest descent is 3 km. There are different kinds of ski tracks:

The resort offers beginners two types of ski lifts, Slalom and Bigel. It’s possible to ski on the short ski tracks (550m) which are for the beginners.

The advanced and professional skiers can use the Zuruldi ski lift, and they will be able to ski on the slopes of intermediate and difficult ski tracks.

But, who are the extremists and love to experience new adventures, they would be able to get experience on the steep slopes, in the woods. Beside this, it’s interesting to ski under the ski lifts where skiers may meet many natural difficulties.

Remember, that there is no ski track to go back in Mestia, and if the skiers aren’t extremists, they’ll be forced to go back in Mestia by the ski lift.

Hatsvali sometimes offers skiers the night skiing where the colorful lights are set up.


There are the hotel Hatsvali and several places for eating. Café Zuruldi located at the end of the Zuruldi ski lift, on the highest peak of the resort is the most popular café among these places. Guests can enjoy the beautiful views of Svaneti and the mount Ushba from there. This café is open every season, and it’s one of the must-see places in the Svaneti region.

Skiers can rent the ski equipment at the resort as well.

The Opening Season and Activities

Hatsvali ski resort serves its guests all year around. But, the passive period is in October and November. The ski lifts may be closed at this time. All ski lifts are open in winter, and in the summer only one ski lift, Zuruldi is open at the resort.

The main negative side of Hatsvali ski resort is that the ski tracks are short and the main ski lift moves slowly. The ski lift Zuruldi is the oldest among these ski lifts. It’s a four chair ski lift and moves very slowly. The skiers are forced to spend about 12-15 minutes at the ski lifts which don’t have any security system for the wind. So, your desire to try yourself at the ski lifts in the bad weather one more time may disappear.

The major advantages of Hatsvali ski resort are its location, the cover of snow and wood. Hatsvali is the best place to learn to freeride. Guests will be able to meet a lot of different kinds of covers – forest, natural ramps, steep angled slopes, and natural obstacles. Therefore, the expert skier would be able to try new experiences and find new adventures. The slopes of Hatsvali are covered with pine forest, which decreases the chances of avalanches and makes the environment safe for freeriding.

So, everyone who loves freeriding once in their life should visit Tetnuldi ski resort as well, which is about 15 km away from Hatsvali ski resort. Guests will have the chances to experience themselves at longer ski tracks and have more opportunities for freeriding.

43.029682, 42.734209
Distance from the Capital
475 km (295.15 mi)
Recommended duration
3 days

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I am planning a family trip to Georgia - and, of course, Mestia, in May. My family expects to go skiing as well. Could you please advise if that will be possible in May at Hatsvali Ski Resort? Will there still be snow?


Ucha Gviniashvili
Ucha Gviniashvili

Hi Fifi,
It's hard to say in advance but ski season is open until end of May on Tetnuldi ski resort which is close to Hatsvali ski resort. For more information about snow conditions please contact Mountain Resorts of Georgia:

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