ცხენტური თბილისში ცხენტური თბილისში ცხენტური თბილისში ცხენტური თბილისში ცხენტური თბილისში ცხენტური თბილისში ცხენტური თბილისში

ცხენტურის შესახებ

Best time to visit: Winter, Spring, Autumn

If you are a fan of horse riding tours and horses, we have news for you.

We offer a 1-hour horse riding tour around Tbilisi. The tour starts at Sairme Street 50, in Mukhiani . The route is a straight, very comfortable field.

The tour takes place in tranquil and beautiful places where you will be able to relax, and escape the city noise.

You can also take great photos there.

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Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy
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Artur Nowak
Artur Nowak

Hello, where is the meeting place? The trip has 2hours on ride or with instruction? How many times on ride?

Mariam Pirashvili
Mariam Pirashvili

Hi, unfortunately the horse riding is not available anymore till September. Any rider even not experienced can ride a horse here.

Charlotte Stranks
Charlotte Stranks

Would you mind sending me the address of the place to meet? I cannot read the map provided or see it written on the website, many thanks

Mariam Pirashvili
Mariam Pirashvili

Our horseman will contact you shortly.

Charlotte Stranks
Charlotte Stranks

Hi there, I have paid only a portion of the cost of the ticket, and I’m told now to pay on the site, but I cannot see how to make the remaining payment. Many thanks

Mariam Pirashvili
Mariam Pirashvili

Hi Charlotte, thanks for reaching out. You are paying the remaining payment at the place to the horseman. You don't pay anymore on the website.

Charlotte Stranks
Charlotte Stranks

Ahh, I understand - thanks 😊

Charlotte Stranks
Charlotte Stranks

Would you mind sending me the address of the place to meet? I cannot see it written on the website, many thanks

Good afternoon. There are a couple of questions.
1. My weight is 110kg, is this a normal weight for a horse?
If yes, then next question
2. Can I participate on a weekday next week or next week? Or is it only on weekends?
3. Do I need only me to participate, or do I need to find more participants?
4. Does the guide speak Russian? (I'm not Russian, but I speak Russian)

Mariam Pirashvili
Mariam Pirashvili

Hello, unfortunately the weight limit is max 85-90kg.
2. the tour is available any day of the week.
3. the person can be only himself or with friends.
4. No our guide speaks only Georgian and English.


Hello. Will this be available to book in July?

Mariam Pirashvili
Mariam Pirashvili

Hi, unfortunately it's available till the second half of June 💜

Twana Ahmad
Twana Ahmad


Mariam Pirashvili
Mariam Pirashvili

Hello, how can we help you?

16 Reviews
Trine Lauridsen

Hussain Buhaasan

Sooo great , enjoyed alot , recommended

Anika Clay

I had such a wonderful experience on this horseback riding tour. The host was so kind and patient. I had some trouble getting there on time as my yandex driver did not have GPS but my guide spoke with him on the phone and met us. Though I arrived late he still waited for me and made sure I had a great experience. The horse was very gentle and the ride is fine for every level of rider, from including very beginners. They take around lovely scenery and views and take pictures for you so you can remember your time. The landscape is beautiful and it's really nice to escape the city and spend some time in nature even though it's so close. The host was also kind enough to help me get back to town. I would definitely recommend this and do it again and thank the host very such a special experience!

Qais Al-Madi

It was a nice experience!

Sultan Al Hassanieh

Very fun


Great thanks for the tour! The views during the walk are spectacular, I didn’t expect that) the horse was beautiful and well-behaved.
the guide is polite and did all to make the trip enjoyable:) would recommend for sure!

Oleg Urtaev

Мы остались в полном восторге от этой прогулки) Очень красивые места для фотографий )


Находится реально далеко. Общались с одним человеком, встретил другой, который ни по русски, ни по английски не говорит. От того места, где осталась машина, ещё поднимались верхом. Местность классная, простора много. Я так себе ездок, но коню реально был ленив. Бронировали на 2 часа, по факту было 30 мин, заплатила как за час. Если для фотосессии, то там классно

Ahmed Abbas

Charlotte Stranks

The location was hard to reach, but lovely once there, I got to ride a horse over looking the wonderful Georgian landscape. Take cash, because cards are not accepted, that said, my host was able to accompany back into Tbilisi where I withdrew cash to pay. He was very kind, gave me coffee on my arrival. Would suggest checking location and planning journey before booking.


Были на конной прогулке в Тбилиси, записались через сайт, ответили сразу и посоветовали лучшее и приятное время для прогулки. Кони были очень ухоженные и красивые, что тоже немало важно. Сам сопровождающий был очень мил и добродушен, посоветовал еще разных мест для посещения в Грузии. Однозначно лучшее место, всем рекомендуем, отдохнули от всей души, эмоций на долго хватит!

Jacob ittyavarah

Great location to try horse ride near to the city. Worth the price. Highly recommended.


Все было супер. Мы сразу из аэропорта поехали на конную прогулку. Такси не смогло довезти нас прямо до адреса из-за слишком крутого подъема, но пешком идти пришлось совсем недолго. Приехали мы на час раньше, но при этом нас встретили, мы объяснили ситуацию и лошадей стали готовить сразу, час ждать не пришлось. У нас был коричневый конь и бело-коричневая лошадь. Они очень умные, слушаются хозяина и идут за ним, но конь был немного строптивый по отношению ко мне, лошадь была более покладистая. Место прогулки очень живописное: поле, горы, грузинское море. Гид доброжелательный, фотографировал нас и снимал видео. Фотки получились супер. Прогулка по длительности была оптимальная, но это наш первый опыт езды, мы брали час. По завершению прогулки нам помогли вызвать такси, оттуда также можно уехать на автобусе, что дешевле, но мы были ограничены по времени, поэтому предпочли такси. Также порекомендовали, где в Тбилиси можно вкусно поесть. Очень благодарны за такой приятный опыт и впечатления. Всем советую)


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