Horse riding tour to Jaji lake

ჯაჯის ტბის ტური ჯაჯის ტბის ტური ჯაჯის ტბის ტური ჯაჯის ტბის ტური ჯაჯის ტბის ტური

About the tour

Best time to visit: Summer

We offer a horse tour on Lake Jaji.

Lake Didi Jaji is located on the southern slope of the Meskheti mountain range, south of the peak Mefistskaro, at an altitude of 2655 m above sea level. Lake Jaji can be reached from village Zoti by horse. The duration of the tour is 13 hours. It takes 6 hours to reach to the lake. You will stay at the lake overnight and then return back. To overnight you must have tents and sleeping gear.

There must be a minimum of 5 people and a maximum of 10 people for the tour to take place.



Day 1

We will visit the fortress of Zoti village. Then we will go to the Jaji lake, we will stop at Sanislia mountain on the way. We can have lunch, where we eat natural local dishes prepared by local farmers (optional, requires additional pay). We will camp in tents on the mountain


Day 2

In the morning we will follow the road leading to Jaji lake, we will see the beautiful landscapes of nature, we will also see the site, where, according to the legend, Noes arch stopped. And then we go down to the starting point.


From Chokhatauri to the village zoti you can drive 4wd vehicle

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Duration: 2 days
Total distance: 29.2 km
Difficulty: Medium

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