xanis qvis sacnaxeli - ხანის ქვის საწნახელი

About Khani Stone Winepress

Best time to visit: All Season

In the valley of the River Khanistzkali,in the southeast part of village Khani in 4 km, to the south of the waterfall there is a former village called Qveda Nogha where you can find rocks, In one of the rocks you can see a winepress which is carved into the rock. It’s divided into three parts. It was made by masters in the medieval centuries.Around the stone you can see traces of carving.The height of this stone is 1,8-2,0 m.Length is 3,5m. And the width is 4m.There is a hole in this winepress from where the wine flowed out.There are parts of wine pitchers too. This place is nice for camping and having picnics.It’s 253 km from Tbilisi, 29 km from Baghdati and 57 km. From Kutaisi.

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Eco Cottage
Eco Cottage
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