Cottage Abies in Racha

კოტეჯი აბიესი რაჭაში კოტეჯი აბიესი რაჭაში კოტეჯი აბიესი რაჭაში კოტეჯი აბიესი რაჭაში კოტეჯი აბიესი რაჭაში კოტეჯი აბიესი რაჭაში კოტეჯი აბიესი რაჭაში კოტეჯი აბიესი რაჭაში კოტეჯი აბიესი რაჭაში კოტეჯი აბიესი რაჭაში კოტეჯი აბიესი რაჭაში კოტეჯი აბიესი რაჭაში კოტეჯი აბიესი რაჭაში კოტეჯი აბიესი რაჭაში კოტეჯი აბიესი რაჭაში კოტეჯი აბიესი რაჭაში

კოტეჯის შესახებ

Best time to visit: Spring, Summer, Autumn


Abies is located about 250 kilometers from Tbilisi in the beautiful Skhartali village in Ambrolauri municipality, Racha.

How to Get There:

To get to the village of Skhartali, you must continue driving from the central highway to the 5 kilometers long secondary gravel road. You can drive on the road both by jeeps and sedans. Although on rainy days it may be difficult for low-terrain vehicles to move in some sections of the road.

There are two possible ways to get there from Tbilisi. The new road, which involves traveling from Sachkhere (in this case, you will pass through the villages of Oni municipality first and then get to Ambrolauri), and the so-called old road, which involves traveling from Terjola (in this case, you will have the opportunity to visit Tskhrajvrai, Shaori Reservoir, and Nikortsminda on the way).

The village of Skhartali is located at 1160 meters above sea level and is surrounded by unique Caucasian fir (abies) trees. Here you will find peace and an ecologically clean environment.

From Tbilisi - 250 km;

From Ambrolauri - 14 km;

From Kutaisi - 80 km;

From Batumi - 250 km;

How Many People Can Stay in the Cottage?

The cottage can accommodate 6 people. The cottage has 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen in one space, a bathroom, and a toilet.

2 bedrooms can accommodate 4 people. There is also a sofa bed for one person, and an extra folding bed for another one.

The cottage has 2 balconies with beautiful views of the forest.

The Cottage is Equipped with All the Necessary Equipment:

Whatever you may need during your vacation: stove, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, fireplace, dishes, toaster, and other kitchen essentials, mini hair dryer, bed linen, blankets, firewood, hot and cold water.


There is no internet in the cottage, as no company provides internet in the village. Although all telephone networks work with high frequency, so you can use the internet without any problems.



Abies Yard and Surroundings:

In addition to the cozy and comfortable cottage, you will have at your disposal a large illuminated yard with hammocks, and a game table with chairs, which you can enjoy anytime.

The cottage is located on the edge of the forest.


Currently, Abies does not include food in the service.

Shops and Restaurants:

The markets and shops are located in the village of Khotev, Nikortsminda, and Ambrolauri.

Medical centers and pharmacies are located in the Ambrolauri district.

🕓 Check-in at 15:00 (arrival)

🕓 Check-out at noon (departure)

Information regarding early entry and late departure to the cottage must be agreed upon with us in advance.

The Daily Rent:

  • The price for one night is 325 GEL;
  • Note that the price is the same in the case of fewer guests. The whole cottage is rented, regardless of the number of guests.

Reservation and payment:

➡ For booking, call us or write to us on our FB page;

➡ For a guaranteed reservation, please transfer the reservation fee in advance to the account number sent by us;

➡ Please note that the reservation is not guaranteed until the payment is made.

➡ In case of cancellation of the reservation, the money will not be returned, but it is possible to change the dates.

Please note, that our request is:

  • To keep the cottage clean and not damage the furniture and appliances in the cottage.
  • Please do not smoke in the cottage, and do not throw cigarette butts and other waste in the yard, as it is very difficult to clean the grass.
  • Do not light a fire near the wood to avoid the risk of fire.
  • There are trash cans in the yard where you can put cigarette butts and other waste. Please throw your collected garbage in the bins on the village road when leaving the cottage.
  • Please do not throw food waste. Leave it in the yard, we will feed the neighboring dogs;

If you have additional questions, please, write or call us on the given numbers.

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