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Krubera Cave is located in Abkhazia, Gagra Municipality, on Berchil Range. The territory of Abkhazia is currently occupied by Russia. The Krubera Abyss is the second-deepest-known cave on Earth after the Veryovkina Cave, which is also located in Abkhazia. The cave was discovered in 1960 and is named after the famous Russian geographer Alexander Kruber, who explored the mountains of the Western Caucasus in the early twentieth century. Krubera Cave is an amazingly impressive and mystical sight. Access to the magical world of the cave through a vertical, very deep, gabled entrance is possible only with the help of special equipment. The entrance to the cave is 2320 meters above sea level. Krubera Cave is a sub-vertical type of cave. Miniature stalactites, stalagmites and curtains can be found in the cave. There are streams of water and small lakes in the cave. The River Reprua is fed by the waters of the Krubera Abyss.

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