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Kumisi Lake is located in Kvemo Kartli region, Gardabani Municipality, southeast of Kumisi 1, at 475 meters above from the sea level. It is located between Iaghluji plateau and Tsalaskuri plain. The surface area of the lake mirror is 5.4 km, and the maximum depth is 4 m. It is currently a water reservoir. The lake is fed by rainwater and small streams. Nowadays, it is supplied with the Mtkvari River which is carried by artificial canals and reservoirs. The reservoir is used for watering. The bottom of Kumisi Lake is covered with mud that has healing properties. The mud is actively used at the Tbilisi Balneological Resort. Green and blue colored, large lake with its open space and amazing views, create a very beautiful environment. This place is perfect for going out and having picnic. You can easily find camping places by the lake. The lake also attracts fishing lovers. You will find many kind of fish here: mullet, catfish, mirror carb and others. Fishing amateur competitions are often held here. Lake Kumisi is one of the most popular places for nature lovers to relax.

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Susanne Schwarz

The lake is great for birdwatching. It is a very important resting place for migratory shorebirds. And a very important wintering side for water birds. You will be able to see swans here only in winter. Even individual flamingos have repeatedly spent some time at this lake.
Unfortunately, the water surface declines, as the canals are blocked.

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