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Lakbe (Lakbi) Reservoir - is located in Kakheti, Gurjaani Municipality, near the village of Arashenda. Created as a result of the damming of the river Lakbe.

The uniqueness of the Pkhoveli forest area near the village of Arashenda is determined by the presence of naturally flowing acidic waters and mineral-rich mud here, which has healing properties. The area is part of the Gombori Highlands.

The construction of the reservoir started in the 80s of the last century for the purpose of reclamation, in particular, the reservoir was supposed to supply the Shirak Valley with irrigation water, but the construction of the reservoir was not completed and now it is presented as a natural lake. Its maximum depth is 22 meters. According to the information we received, common carp and bighead carp were artificially propagated in the lake, but the chub came naturally from the river. The reservoir needs further study in terms of the existing ichthyofauna.

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