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About Lakes in Racha

Best time to visit: Summer, September

Along the trail, you will see the source of river Rioni, the gorge of river Sakao, Lukhuni pass, lake Daji Lo, lake Teko and lake Khatia. The route is reach with panoramic views. You will have the chance to enjoy the views on Caucasus Range, glacier Didi Edena, source of river Rioni, Sasvano ridge, mountain Lukhunistsveri and surroundings. The Trail starts and ends in village Tevresho in Oni municipality.



Day 1: Get to Campsite Bartuzeli

The distance from the village Tevresho to campsite Bartuzeli is 12km and the elevation gain is 650 meters. At the end of the village, you should cross the river Rioni with the metal bridge, however, at some occasion the direction of the river changes and you should cross it through (risk rises with increased water level). From Tevresho to Brili the trail follows the vehicle ground road (5km) and off-road vehicle or 2/3 axel trucks are capable to handle it. After that route switches to the trail. There are several gorges which you can’t cross without wetting your feet.


Day 2: Lake Teko - Lukhuni Pass - Lake Daji Lo

From the campsite the route head to the west and very soon it changes the direction to the north and starts to ascend through the forest. You have to gain 900 meters in elevation to get to the pass. If you would like to see the lake Daji Lo this day you should additional gain 300 meters. In order to get to the lake Daji Lo you should ascend the mountain on the south-west. The trail gets to the other side of the mountain and leads you to the lake along the slope.


Day 3: Lake Khatia - Camspite Bartuzeli - Village Tevresho

From the lake, Daji Lo route goes through Lukhuni pass and gets to Lake Khatia. It is possible to camp next to each lake. We are descending to the village Tevresho on this day.

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Duration: 3 days
Total distance: 39 km
Difficulty: Medium

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