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About Lakhiri

Best time to visit: All Season

Lakhiri - the village in Mestia municipality (Mulakhi community), on the southern slope of the main Dividing Ridge of the Caucasus Mountains in Svaneti, in the valley river Mulkhari, 1760m above sea level. It is located 11km far from Mestia. There is the biggest number of towers in the village Lakhiri, among the other villages.

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Ella Nygaard
Ella Nygaard

Hello Georgian friends,

I was fortunate to spend one night in the marvelous village of Lakhiri while I was hiking in the Svanhetian mountains. This village is so intriguing!

I was wondering how old the village acutally is? From the visual signs and architectural styles it is resemblant of medieval times, but perhaps settlements goes even further back? Can anyone provide a little more information about this astonishing place?

Thank you very much!


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