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About Lentekhi

Lentekhi, also known as Kvemo Svaneti, is one of the highest mountainous regions of Georgia, located in the Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo (Lower) Svaneti regions. In the early centuries Svaneti was part of Kolkheti and then Egrisi, and later in the XI and XV centuries it was part of the United Kingdom of Georgia. After the disintegration of the united kingdoms of Georgia, it was divided into three parts: the Svaneti principality, Balzemo Svaneti, Kvemo Svaneti. In the first half of the XIX century, Kvemo Svaneti, along with Lechkhumi, was conquered by the chief of Odishi, hence it was also called Sadadiano Svaneti. The leading sector of the municipality is livestock. Corn, potatoes and legumes are grown from agricultural crops. They also do gardening. There are small businesses of different profiles as well. One of the riches of the region is the resort Muashia, whose mineral waters are used for the treatment of diseases of the joints and the peripheral nervous system. Lentekhi is distinguished by beautiful nature and interesting cultural monuments. White peaks, cool forests, alpine meadows, Svan towers and distinctive temples attract many travel enthusiasts, hikers and climbers. In the region there are tourist center and alpine camp "Ailama", as well as libraries, a museum and a theater.

Geography and Climate

Lentekhi municipality is located on the southern slope of the Caucasus mountain range in western Georgia, in the Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti regions. Its administrative center is Daba Lentekhi. The municipality is bordered by the Russian Federation (Kabardino-Balkaria) to the north, Lechkhumi to the south, Racha to the east, and Samegrelo and Zemo (Upper) svaneti to the west. It is bordered on the southeast and south by the Lechkhumi Range, on the west by the Kodori Range, and on the north by the main watershed of the Caucasus. Lentekhi area is mountainous, with medium and high mountainous terrain. The river Tskhenistskali and its tributaries flow in the district: Kheledula, Laskadura, Zeskho, Leusheri, Khopuri and others. Lentekhi is characterized by windless, moderately humid climate and weak frosts. The average temperature in January is -1.8 ° C, and in July - 20.1 ° C.

What to see

Lentekhi is a district rich in beautiful nature and interesting cultural monuments. The beautiful valleys and the grand, icy mountains leave an indelible impression on the visitor. Many interesting routes can be planned here for hiking enthusiasts. The paths connecting Lentekhi with Zemo Svaneti, Racha and Samegrelo are diverse and spectacular, such as: Lentekhi-Matskhvarishi, Mananuri-Tviberi, Khacheshi-Doberazeni, Shkedi-Likheti and Sasashi-Lashichala. Lentekhi is attractive for climbers as well. The beautiful Muashi resort with its healing mineral waters, forests, meadows, fresh air and small cottages. While traveling in this region, in addition to impressive views, you will also be able to visit many important monuments. An important example of Georgian ethno-culture is the Svan tower, which can be found both close to the house and standing separately, and of course Lentekhi is unimaginable without them. In addition to the towers, many medieval temples with unique Svan paintings are found here. You will see churches with traces of frescoes on the outer facades, which is typical only for Svaneti. One of the famous sights of Lentekhi is the Dadiani fortress-hall complex. There is a museum of local lore in the district, where archeological material of the Bronze Age, church items of XI-XII centuries, manuscript prayers of XVII-XVIII centuries and a collection of ethnographic life of Kvemo Svaneti are preserved.


• Zeskho gorge

• Village Uravi-village Shkedi

• Village Lashichala-village in Sasa

• Village Likheti-village Shkedi

Cultural monuments

• Chukuli Archangel Church

• Jakhunderi. St. George's Church

• Dadiani fortress-hall Complex

• Lexuri towers

• Tvibi Archangel Church

• St. Mary's Church in Paki

• Skaldi Archangels Church

• Church of the Savior Father

• Chikhareshi Church of the Mother of God


• Muashi


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