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Maltakva resort is located in Samegrelo, Poti Municipality, at 0.5 meters above sea level. This is one of the regions of Poti. Maltakva has a humid and warm maritime climate. The average temperature in January is 5 - 7 ℃ and in August 23 - 24 ℃. The resort is bordered by the Black Sea to the west and Lake Paliastomi to the east. If you love sandy beaches, sun, sea, sunburn and comfortable relaxation, Maltakva is one of the ideal places for you. Many tourists and locals visit it every year. One of the most attractive places in Maltakva is Golden Lake (Okros Tba) and a pedestrian bridge across it, from where fantastic views unfold. Lake Paliastomi, which is part of the Kolkheti National Park, is a stunning sight. Boat trips are also available on Lake Paliastomi. In winter, about 190 species of migratory and resident birds use the swamps of Maltakva for shelter, some of which are red-listed by IUCN, so this place is very interesting for bird watchers. Cosy hotels, parks, lakes, blue rippling sea and sunny beach make Maltakva one of the most attractive resorts.

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