old Tbilisi, Narikala fortress, Abanotubani old Tbilisi, Narikala fortress, Abanotubani ლეღვთახევის ჩანჩქერი, ძველი თბილისი, აბანოთუბანი - Leghvtatkhevi, old Tbilisi, Abanotubani ლეღვთახევის ჩანჩქერი, ძველი თბილისი, აბანოთუბანი - Leghvtatkhevi, old Tbilisi, Abanotubani

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Best time to visit: All Season

Meidan is one of the popular places in Tbilisi. If you decide to visit Old Tbilisi you should definitely visit Meidan. Here you will find characteristic architecture, sulfur baths, a mosque decorated with blue mosaic and Leghvtakhevi Waterfall. From Meidan you can see the Metekhi Temple and Narikala Fortress. Nearby is located St. George Armenian Cathedral, where the tomb of the famous poet Sayat-Nova is located. There are many cafes and restaurants on the square where you can taste a variety of dishes. There are also shops of things created on Georgian motives, drinks, carpets and antiques, where you will find various interesting and different things. One of the special places of Tbilisi - the Botanical Garden is also close to Meidan.

Meidan has a huge history. In the Middle Ages Tbilisi consisted of several squares. One of them was in the vicinity of the Metekhi Bridge and was the trading center of Tbilisi. The second one was in front of the King's Palace complex and the third- in Garetubani. The walk of life was arranged in the third square. Vakhushti Batonishvili referred to them by the following names: “Meidan of prison”, “King Meidan” or “walk of life”. Vakhushti Bagrationi called Meidan a walk of life. This is also emphasized by the name of the other elements of the city related to the walk of life. Meidan remains one of the most prominent places in Tbilisi to this day.

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