Memorial House-Museum of Merab Kostava

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About Memorial House-Museum of Merab Kostava

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Despite the love of various types of art and trying his skills in many fields, the National Liberation Movement is the most associated with the name of Merab Kostava. He was arrested for openly expressing anti-communist views even when he was in school. He formed “Gorgasaliani” (illegal patriotic organization in Soviet Union times) with Zviad Gamsakhurdia and several other associates. Despite repression and deportation, he has never stopped fighting for independence.

In this house you will find his music collection, manuscripts, illegal newspapers published by his initiatives and leadership, photo material of the anti-communist movement and other personal items. The museum and everything what is kept there will get you closer to those who have significantly changed the recent history of Georgia.

You can attend the following educational programs at Merab Kostava House-Museum:

• Tuesday 15:00 "Secret Letters"

• Wednesday 15:00 "Time Traveling"

• Thursday 15:00 "Printing Car History"

• Friday 15:00 "Flags Tell Us"

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