Menji fortress, ციხე Menji fortress, ციხე Menji fortress, ციხე

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The Menji fortress is located in Samegrelo, Senaki Municipality, in the village of Menji. It dates back to the IV-VIth centuries. On the southern and western sides, the complex is surrounded by a steep slope, and on the northern and eastern sides, it is framed by the slopes of a saddle mountain. The fortress is strategically located and controls a large area. The complex includes a fence, a tower and a church. The castle has an elongated, oval shape. The fence walls are one meter thick. A rectangular tower is built into the western part of the fence. It is built of well-hewn rectangular rock stones. On the east side of the yard, there is a hall-type church. The temple ends with a semicircular apse cut in a rectangle in the east. The church was built of well-hewn stone. There are traces of restructuring in the X-XII centuries, as evidenced by the imprinted plaster of the fresco discovered around the temple, as well as ornamental facing stones characteristic of the developed Middle Ages. The complex was surrounded by an artificial trench 4 meters wide.

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