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Nabeghlavi - balneological resort and village, is located in Guria, Chokhatauri Municipality, 475 meters above sea level, on the bank of the river Gubazeuli. 22 km away from Chokhatauri. Chokhatauri-Bakhmaro highway passes through the village.

Nabeghlavi is famous for its unique climatic and balneological conditions. Here flows precious mineral water "Nabeghlavi", which is successfully used to treat the gastrointestinal tract, liver and bile ducts, kidneys, bones. It is used both for drinking and in the form of baths. Recommended for people of any age, all the more so - in unlimited quantities.

The spring of Nabeghlavi was discovered in 1905. According to the story, the attention of the locals was drawn to one of the springs, to which the cattle visited more than others. The water was found to have a special taste and distinctive healing properties. Soon the explorers visited the field. They scientifically studied the healing properties of the water and officially granted the status of a resort to Nabeghlavi.

There are guest houses in the village.

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