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Niko Nikoladze Tower is located in Samegrelo, Poti. It is an ensemble architectural monument that includes an 18th-century fence, a five-story tower, a two-story residential area, and a café-bar built in the 1980s. The tower was originally three-story, Niko Nikoladze broke a piece of wood in the 90s of the XIX century and built two floors, a clock was placed on the top floor. During the same period, a two-story, residential wing was added to the building. The floors on the façade of the tower are divided by horizontal, relief belts. The building is finished with cornice and merlons. Niko Nikoladze Memorial Museum is arranged on the second and third floors, and on the fourth floor, there is a receiving-room with a fireplace.

Tags: #History #Culture #Architecture #Museum #Historical Monument #Fortification #Tower

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