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Hello, I am an experienced driver-guide and tour agent around Georgia, graduated of law faculty, painter and writer. I have big experience as driver-guide around Georgia with very safe and comfortable off-road cars at any hard condition and weather. I offer service of driver-guide, guide, tour agent. I can organise well tours for big groups with comfortable minibuses or buses, hiking tours, birdwatching, horse tours, eco-tours in eco villages, teach you skiing, swimming and many other things.

Georgia is a unique country because in such a small territory you can see the contrast of every kind landscapes in a short time. Here you can see the amazing beauty of the Caucasus mountain range, wonderful diverse seacoast, green and yellow steps, lakes and rivers and even colourful desserts, also big history, culture, buildings from ancient times and oldest wine traditions in the world. You can feel with me all Georgia well!


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