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About Ozurgeti

Ozurgeti municipality is located in the Guria region. The traces of human life here start from ancient times. Settlements and workshops of the Bronze Age were discovered in this area, such as the Vakijvari workshop and the Shemokmedi settlement. Ozurgeti is first mentioned in the XVI century in historical sources. It was a culturally and economically developed region in the Middle Ages, that is confirmed by many temples and fortresses located in the municipality. Ozurgeti was an important trading city in the late feudal period and the residence of the Guria princes. The coins treasure is found here, 270 silver coins, which are known as Ozurgeti treasures. Ozurgeti is described by Italian missionaries - Don Cristoforo de Castell, Antonio Jardina, Clemento Galliano, who were doing missionary work in Guria in 1628-1640. Ozurgeti became a separate region in 1930. In 1934 it was named the Makharadze Region in honor of the revolutionary Filipp Makharadze and in 1990 it was renamed in Ozurgeti. Since 2006 it has the status of municipality. Nowadays, there is a theatre, 3 museums, libraries and other cultural-educational institutions. Agriculture is developed in the municipality. The leading fields are: citriculture, nut, corn and tea-growing. The food industry also plays an important role there. There are small enterprises of different profiles in Ozurgeti. Tourist infrastructure is also developing, especially in the Black Sea coast. Gomismta is also an important and popular tourist destination. The cultural and historical monuments in the region such as: the churches of Shemokmedi, Jumati, Achi and Likhauri, Likhauri fortress, Askani fortress, Vashnari settlement etc. get a lot of attention and attract a lot of travel lovers.

Geography and Climate

Ozurgeti municipality is located in Guria region, in the valleys of rivers Natanebi and Supsa. Its administrative center is the Ozurgeti city. The municipality consists of 29 territorial units which are: Ozurgeti city, Laituri, Naruja, Nasakurali, Ureki, Askana, Baileti, Bakhvi, Bokhvauri gurianta, Dvabzu, Vakijvari, Tkhilnari, Konchkati, Likhauri, Makvaneti, Melekeduri, Meria, Mtispiri, Nagomari, Natanebi, Ozurgeti Village, Silauri, Shemokmedi, Tskhemliskhidi, Dzimiti, Chanieti, Jumati, Shroma. Ozurgeti is bordered by Chokhatauri municipality on the east, Lanchkhuti on the north, Adjara on the south and Black Sea on the west. The territory of the municipality is grooved by rivers and valleys. The rivers Supsa and Natanebi flows in Ozurgeti. The highest place in the district is Sakornia Mountain (2756 m). Minerals found in the municipality are: concrete clay, oil, kaolin, ochre, cement, red iron, mineral waters and others. Ozurgeti is distinguished by its diverse flora and fauna, with a large part of the area covered by forests. In the district there are: chestnut, hornbeam, alder tree, beech, cherry laurel and others. In the forests there are: bears, wolves, lynx, roe, rabbits, martens and more. The following birds are common there: kite, vulture, mistle thrush, wild duck, chaffinch, robin redbreast, etc. The migratory birds also come in spring: canary, quail, hoopoe, turtledove and others. Ozurgeti municipality has a humid subtropical climate. The average annual temperature varies from 14.5 °C to -4 °C. The average temperature in January is + 5 °C to -5 °C and in August is + 23 °C to + 13 °C.

What to see

Ozurgeti municipality is distinguished by its beautiful nature and interesting cultural monuments. Forests, mountains and amazing views are perfect for nature lovers. Gomismta is very popular which creates an unforgettable experience with the endless sea of clouds, spruce and beautiful surroundings. One of the outstanding places is Chinchao Lake, surrounded by alpine meadow and with beautiful views. There are also many important cultural and historical monuments in Ozurgeti. Shemokmedi Monastery should be noted, which consists of two temples and is significant with colorful revetment, painting and decor, Archangel Church of Likhauri with beautiful and delicate carvings, Achi Church, Jumati Church, Askani Fortress, Likhauri Fortress, historic, ancient fortress town of Shukhuti and more. In the region 3 museums are functioning: Ozurgeti historic museum, Ekvtime Takaishvili Guria Archeological Museum-Reserve and Dvabzu Ethnographic Museum. Ozurgeti historical museum preserves more than 6000 exhibits, which includes the period from the IX millennium BC to the present. At the Archaeological Museum-Reserve you will find: the V-VIII centuries remains of Gurianta-Vashnari, fragments of the monastery of the second half of VI century discovered by archaeological excavations, remains of fortifications, basilica and martyrium, early ancient and Hellenistic settlements found in the area of settlement, clay sarcophagi, qvevri-tombs, bath. There are mountain and seaside resorts in the municipality where you can enjoy comfortable and pleasant holidays.


Cultural Monuments

  • Shemokmedi Monastery
  • Archangel Church of Likhauri
  • Shukhuti Settlement
  • Achi Church
  • Jumati Church
  • Askani Fortress



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გამარჯობა, მინიატურების პარკის დათვალიერება გვსურს, 11.06.2023-ში. დაწყებითი კლასის მოსწავლეები და მშობლები იქნებიან. არის თუ არა გიდის მომსახურება? რა ღირს? წინასწარ უნდა დავჯავშნით თუ არა? პარკში შესვლა რა ღირსს ბავშვებისთვის და უფროსებისთვის?

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Pavel Tutaev

Добрый день. Меня зовут Павел,живу в Казахстане городе Шымкент. Лет 40 назад с лишним я с родителями Майя и Мансур приезжали в гости к друзьям родителей Давиду Мамулашвили город Махарадзе. На следующей неделе еду в Грузию. Хотел бы встретиться с Давидом или его родственниками.

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Dima Pipia

გამოცხადებული არის თუ არა შეკვეთილი თავისუფალ ტურისტულ ზონად?

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natia lomineishvili

გამარჯობათ, არა შეკვეთილი არ არის თავისუფალი ტურისტული ზონა, საქართველოში დღესდღეობით სამი თავისუფალი ტურისტული ზონაა: ქობულეთის, განმუხურისა და ანაკლიის.


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