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Pirghebuli Monastery is located in Kvemo Kartli region, Tetritskaro municipality, 5 km away from Samshvilde settlement. The monument dates back to the developed middle ages and includes a church, a bell tower and residential and agricultural buildings. The main building of the complex is a XIII century hall church with a north annex and a gate. The inscription on the temple shows that it was built during the reign of Rusudan by the leader Demetrius. The church has high proportions. The northern annexes are two independent churches, possible to enter there from the main church. The building has paired arched windows. Nowadays, the gate is almost ruined. The interior of the church has been plastered and painted, but currently only a few fragments of the painting are survived. The church was surrounded by a fence that included a three-story bell tower. Only two floors of the bell tower are preserved. The ground floor is a wide-open gate with arches, on the first floor there is a tower, and on the second floor there is a bell tower. In the territory of the monastery, caves have been excavated in the rocks, which seem to have been used as small chamber for the monks.

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