Kartlis Deda, old Tbilisi, Mother of Georgia

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Best time to visit: All Season

The Rike cable car is a cable car between Narikala Fortress and Rike Park. It is very popular and is often visited by both tourists and locals. Green gardens, paths and amusement parks arranged in Rike Park are perfect for unwinding. Giant chess, playing giant piano, crawling wall or labyrinths will make your day varied and cheerful.

However, the main attraction of the park is still the ropeway. Enjoying the wonderful views of Tbilisi from the ropeway, the city seen from such a height is an amazing, unforgettable sight. The final point is Narikala Historical Fortress, which is one of the most interesting and impressive monuments in Tbilisi. The history of this ancient fortress dates back to the 4th century and has seen many hardships or victories over the centuries.

Narikala Fortress is considered to be one of the earliest fortresses among historical monuments and is one of the most important cultural and historical specimens of Georgia. Kartli's mother also stands here - a monument that has even become a visiting card of Tbilisi.

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Magda Khokhobashvili
Magda Khokhobashvili

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Giorgi Sixarulidze

საბაგირო მუშაობს?


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