Rocho Waterfall (Black Grouse Waterfall)


About Rocho Waterfall (Black Grouse Waterfall)

Best time to visit: Summer, September

Rocho Waterfall is located in the Kakheti region, in the Lagodekhi Protected Areas, very close to Lagodekhi. You can get here by car or minibus.

The waterfall is located 5 kilometers from the Lagodekhi Protected Areas Visitor Center. You will have to walk this distance. On the way, we first find a unique hornbeam grove (400-600 m above sea level), which is quite rare in the Caucasus, then a mixed beech grove (hornbeam, ash, lime, maple, elm, chestnut, etc.). However, the trail is not really tiring, because on the way you will meet a lot of interesting plants or animals. You will also need to cross the river and walk on wet stones, so it is advisable to use sporty, flexible shoes. At the end of the trail, you will be struck by a beautiful 6-meter waterfall, which runs between the green cliffs and the rainbow in sunny weather.

Nearby you can visit Gurgeniani Waterfall and if you have more time and energy, be sure to visit the most beautiful and one of the most difficult hiking routes in Lagodekhi: Black Rocks Lake.

Tags: #hiking #Nature #Waterfall #Water #trekking #Backpacking #Adventure Tour
41.841459 , 46.282832
Duration: 1 day
Total distance: 9 km
Difficulty: Easy

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