The route starts from Juta. The path is heading towards the north-east. After 6 kilometers, where the two gorges cross you should take a route to the north and cross the western slopes of the valley. The trail looks good and walks easy. You have to overcome the pass which is in fron of you. Do not turn to left or you will find yourself on the Russian territory. After passing the pass you should descent in to the gorge. The first village in the left valley will be the village Chimga, the next - Akhieli and the last one -  Amga. After the village of Amga the first connecting gorge is called Kalotana and the next, where you should (if you continue to northward  you will come to the Georiga- Russia Border) turn right and ascend is called Taniestskali gorge. The gorge is gradually picking up the height. In the upper part of the valley you will meet the Lake Tanie. From the lake you will reach the pass. At this point path continiues to the south-east  along the mountain range. The ridge will take you to the Datijvari pass. Here the rout ends.