Along the trail you will meet St. Nino church, scenery of Borjomi

The route starts from the administration building (850 m). It is about 1.5 go through the trail, while after a 600 m hard ascent the trail straightens and turns to the left where the circle is done and goes back to the same section. The highest peak of the trail is 950 m above sea level. You can arrange a picnic along the trail.

Tentative schedule:  Day 1: 1,5hr hiking from national park visitor center

For further details, please contact:

Visitors Service Specialist: Gaga Mumladze Tel: 577 64 04 80;

Visitors Service Specialist: Nino Avetisian Tel: 577 64 04 44;

Visitors Service Specialist: Giorgi Mukhuradze Tel: 577 10 18 94;