Day 1: The route starts at the northern end of the village of Zemo Lukhvano. It is possible to reach the starting point of the route with all kinds of means of transportation. The route follows the former motorway that can not be used by vehicle now. The path will take you to the resort Akhaltsala, where you are recommended to stay the first night. The resort Akhalchala is empty.

Day 2: The path from Akhalchala passes through the alpine slope and goes to the mountain Tsikuri. The trail passes through the untitled pass located between descending ridge of mountain Tsikuri and mountain Sazamtra (2820 m). Trail descends to the village Kulbaki. You can choose a convenient place for overnight camping, because the steep slopes are waiting for you ahead.

Day 3: Steep descent passes on a gravel and requires caution. Horse can't overcome this part, therefore this route is accessing only for hikers. With a tricky farm, a trail enters the river. Near trout farm path descends to river Janauli crosses the river with bridge and enters the village Kulbaki. The route is easy to walk. Drinking water is not found anywhere except the Akhalchala territory. Duration of the route might be 2-3 days considering phisical condition of hikers.