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About Sachkhere

Sachkhere is a city of Western Georgia, Imereti region, the administrative center of Sachkhere Municipality. It is located on the banks of the river Kvirila, 500-550 meters above sea level. It was declared a city in 1964. Roads of state importance are connected to Zestafoni and Gomi village and zestafoni with the railway line.


There are 127 historical monuments in Sachkhere municipality, of which 27 are national and 100 are local importance.

To the North of Sachkhere there is a fortress Modinakhe, same as Modimnakhe, which is built by Papuna Tsereteli in the 30s of the XVIII century. At different times it belonged to the feudal ancestors of the Palavandishvili and Tsereteli. In the XIX century, the Modinakhe Fortress lost its strategic importance.

In the municipality territory, there are historical monuments related to Akaki Tsereteli. In the village of Skhvitori, there is a Palace built in 1834, which belonged to Akaki's father Rostom Tsereteli and where Akaki grew up and lived. Now in this house the house-Museum of Akaki Tsereteli is arranged. Also in the village of Savane, there is a preserved hut of a babysitter, where Akaki was growing up.

In the vicinity of the Tskhomareti village, there is the Jruchi Monastery, where the Gospel book of Jruchi was stored, called the four-headed. In the village of Savane is the Church of St. George, which was built in 1046 by the architect Haraba. On the church there is a construction inscription. In the village of Koreti there are two churches. One of them, on the Deity Church of Koreti, which belongs to the XI century, the inscription of Koreti Church is preserved, which were performed in 1000. In the village of Speti stands XI century Speti church of the Savior. The iconostasis of the Church is kept in the National Museum of art. Lapidary inscriptions are preserved on the walls of this Church.

In the village of Darka, on the territory of the former settlement of Chabukmta, three hall-type churches are preserved: Bereklesia, the Church of St. George and God's Church.

In the village of Chala, there is a sample of folk architecture, built in the XIX century, the traditional Imereti house ODA.

In addition, it is worth noting:

  • The XIX century buildings, which preserved in Sachkhere: Nastambari, railway station building, the Palace of Elisabed Tsereteli.
  • Two churches of Koreti, one of which has the inscription of the Koreti Church
  • Chikha Fortress and Church
    • Bajiti XII Century Church
      • Angarouli Church in Merjevi Village
        • Jorvila Fortress and two churches
          • Sareki Mother of God Church
            • Itskisi Fortress
              • Makhatauri medieval Church
                • Abashidze Church in Chala
                  • Jalaurta Churches
                    • Tedeleti Mother of God Church
                      • The former Church of Khakheti.

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