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The region of Lechkhumi is rich with remarkable natural and historical monuments. Among them is one of the natural monuments, rocky massif- Sairme Pillars.

The desert of Sairme is located between village Alpana and Chreloba, near the village Sairme. On the right bank of the river Rioni, from the mountain pass, where the road folds between the uphill and downhill, one can see Sairme Pillars.

On the territory of Sairme deserts there is organized a route, called “Sairme Pillars”, which is about 3 km long. The road binds up in the forest from the mountain pass, where you can drive a 4X4 car for about 1 km. later, so you will have to go on by foot, as the road becomes very narrow, and continues walking up and up, in the uphill of the forest. After passing by that uphill, the road leads you on the peak of the mountain. Here you will come across the ruins of the Middle Age Virgin Mary’s Church. After walking several kilometers away from the ruins, the pass finishes on the peak of the mountain, 680 kilometers away from the sea level. And in front of you, there are picturesque views and wonderful sights of Sairme Pillars.

The distance from Tbilisi to Sairme Pillars is 251 km; from Kutaisi- 48 km; from Ambrolauri- 35 km. There are several ways to reach the mountain pass, among them is public transport. From the bus station in Tbilisi, called “Okriba” in the daytime, you can catch a Marshutka, which will take you to village Chreloba. Form the Kutaisi bus station there goes marshutka, to the Lentekhi.


There are several ways to reach the mountain pass, among them is public transport.

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Libin Aji
Libin Aji

If we are traveling from Tbilisi , where should we so and start the trail from ?

Ucha Gviniashvili
Ucha Gviniashvili

There is a GPX track on the map. You can download / export the track to your phone and follow the trail. Or download Georgian Travel Guide app, find Sairme Pillars, open the map and follow the trail

მოგესალმებით საირმის სვეტების ძირში თუა მისვლა შესაძლებელი,თუ მხოლოდ ზემოდან ხედით დატკბობა მარტო შესაძლებელი?

Julia Levina
Julia Levina


Is it possible to reach this place in the end of December, beginning of January?
Can you recommend any place to stay nearby?

Thank you!

Ucha Gviniashvili
Ucha Gviniashvili

Hello Julia,

Yes it's possible to reach Sairme pillars anytime. There could be some snow in January but it's not a big deal because the trail follows the forest all the way up. But you need to follow the GPS track because trail will not be easily recognizable.

I recommend to find some guest house in Ambrolauri or Tsageri. For example there is a nice guesthouse Chateau Dio near Ambrolauri:

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Ucha Gviniashvili

ძალიან კარგი 1 დღიანი მარტივი სალაშქრო მარშრუტია დამწყებებისთვის ან სეირნობის მოყვარულთათვის.

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