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St. George Church of Sighnaghi is located in Kakheti, in the city of Sighnaghi. It dates back to the 19th century. The church is a hall-type building, although its external masses are so fragmented that it gives the impression of a three-nave church. The apse of the altar is narrower than the main space, and pastophores are arranged next to it. The hall rests on a semi-cylindrical chamber with two piers arched on pilasters. The temple is divided by arches in which windows are cut. There are three entrances - from the west, south, and north. The church is distinguished by rather subtle proportions. The eastern and western facades are finished with pediments, in which there are two arched recesses, and in the curve, there is a relief image of a cross. The longitudinal facades of the middle nave are separated by flat arches. Above the central nave is a small, arched arbor. The temple is partially surrounded by an old fence, the tower of which has a bell tower. The round tower has an arched arbor built into it. The church is built of cobblestone and bricks.

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