Simon Janashia State Museum

Simon Janashia State Museum

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Simon Janashia State Museum is located in the capital city of Georgia, in Tbilisi, on Rustaveli Avenue, and is on the list of Georgian National Museums. There are more than 1 000 000 exponents preserved in the museum. You can see a rich collection of archeological findings, dating from the ancient periods, till the end of the antic era, also, everyday life materials, dated to medieval times, representing the city lifestyle, material and cultural patterns. You can even see the Soviet Union dated and modern materials, which depicts the achievements of this period,
Ethnographic collections, rich numismatic or geological materials, the funds of Botanics and zoology as well. In the museum, there are kept unique and the oldest pieces of workmanship, made out of bronze, gold, or silver. You can feel the majestic aura of the treasure, which was discovered in Trialeti Kurgans ( which means “Boundaries” in Georgia). There are also the masterpieces of jewelry, detected in Akhalgori, Algeti burial grounds, and complexes. This is not everything, there are rich glyptic materials, the extremely rare collection of Urartu epigraphy, the superscription of Vespasian, Armazi Bilingual Stone (also, known as” Stele of Serapeitis”) the oldest Georgian inscription of Bolnisi Sioni, Sukhuti Mosaic, and other stuff...
The museum Simon Janashia founded in 1919, but it was named after Simon only from 1947- one of the most famous, Georgian historians and public men. The building of the museum, itself, was built during 1913-1929. The architect was G.Neprintsev. As for the facade architecture, it belongs to N. Severov. The construction of the building is thought to be the best among its contemporary buildings. The museum, with its rich and remarkable collections, will give you unforgettable impressions. Here you can get to know the most important pieces of Georgiana art and culture. There are gathered not only Georgia’s but also, Caucasian and neighboring West worlds cultural materials, expressing their lives. This is the place, where you can form the concept about Georgian culture, its development, and also, you will have a huge esthetic pleasure

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