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About St. Nikoloz Church of Tetritskaro

Best time to visit: All Season

St. Nikoloz Church of Tetritskaro is located in Tetritskaro, Kvemo Kartli region. It is a XIX century monument erected by Russian colonizers. The church is a cross-domed building. The church has a rectangular entrance from the west, which is supported by an arch over the pilasters. The door is made of wood and it’s decorated. Except the western window, all the other windows of the church are arched. The east facade is fortified with buttresses. The church is built of basalt blocks. There’re is an older St. George Church next to St. Nikoloz Church. It is hall type church and it stands on a stone substructure. The building has a rectangular entrance from the south. There are five relief crosses on the architrave. There is an arch made of colorful stones at the top of the architrave. St. George's relief is inserted in this arch. The church has three narrow, arched windows - east, west and south sides. The facades are made of plain cornice.

Tags: #History #Church #Culture #Monastery #Historical Monument

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