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About St. Theodore Church of Tsikhisjvari

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St. Theodore Church of Tsikhisjvari is the XIX century monument. It is located in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, in Borjomi Municipality, in the center of the village of Tsikhisjvari, on the elevated rocky hill, which is surrounded by river from the three sides. On the hill, there is a group of buildings: fragments of the fortress walls, St. Theodore Church and the bell tower, which were built by the Greeks in 1861-1875.St. Theodore church is built on the site of a Georgian temple. The building is a hall-type and ends with a semicircular apse to the east. The church is built of rough stones. An ashlar is only used to decorate the building apertures and corners. The interior of the church is plastered. On the west side, there is a wooden choir with a wooden stair leading from the hall. The altar is separated from the hall by a high iconostasis, made at the beginning of the XX century. The temple has ten inclined window jamb to the interior. Three of them are located in longitudinal walls, two- in the altar and the rest two- on the western wall. The only entrance to the church is from the west, which is architecturally decorated. At the top of the entrance is depicted the relief cross of ashlar. Between the horizontal arms, there is a Greek inscription. On the left side of the entrance, at the bottom, there is a fragment of the ornament of the old Georgian church.

How to get there

Tsikhisjvari is located in the Borjomi municipality, on the bank of the river Shavitskali, 21 km away from Borjomi. The Asphalted road goes to Tsikhisjvari.

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