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About Sveri Fortress

Sveri Fortress is located in Imereti, Chiatura Municipality, 7 km south of Chiatura, on the outskirts of the village of Sveri.

The castle is preserved in the form of ruins. On the map of 1737 of King Alexander V of Imereti, it is depicted with merlons and artillery. The castle is built on a steep cliff. There are caves on the north slope. The entrance is from the east. There are three construction levels in the castle walls: 1. The early medieval level is built of semi-smooth small blocks, horizontal rows, 2. The High medieval level is built of large smooth blocks, 3. The late medieval level is a mixture of cobblestones and flat stones. According to Vakhushti Bagrationi, it was constructed in the 30s of the VIII century, in the period of Marwan the Deaf's invasion of Georgia.

Johann Guldenstadt refers to it as a ruined castle. After the suppression of the Imereti uprising in 1810, Sveri Fortress was in the hands of the Russian Empire. After that, it lost its function. The fortress stood on an important Imeret-Amereti crossroads. The custom was on the border of the village of Bereti and Nigozeti. The lord of Sveri had a palace there. There was a road between Tkemlovani and Sveri, which joined the Shorapan-Sachkhere road in old Boslevi. In Boslevi the road on the other side went to Sazano-Boslevi-Amashuketi. In the Middle Ages, there were several roads from Kartli to Imereti, which reached Sveri Fortress, and from there to Kutaisi.

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