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About Tabatskuri Red Church

Best time to visit: Summer, May, September, October

Tabatskuri Red Church is located in Samtskhe-Javakheti, in Borjomi Municipality, in the village of Tabatskuri, at the edge of the peninsula. It is one of the important monuments of Georgian architecture of the X century. It is built of red color squared ashlar. It has an entrance from the west side. The temple is a rectangular shaped, hall type building in the layout, which ends with a semicircular apse to the east. The apse was relied on the arch, which was passed on the shoulders. The church was lit by a single arched window to the west and east. There is a two-step pilaster in the middle of the longitudinal walls, on with the vault arch was based on.  From the previous step, the vault arch was carried, and from the second step- wall arches. The arches are based on simple shaped capitals. The more complicated profile is the capital of the altar corner. A relief shelf follows the church on the border of vault. On the west facade are decorative images and ornamental inserts. At the top of the window is depicted a scene of hunting of holy horsemen, next to it- Daniel in the den of lions and a two-figure composition framed with grape clusters. In the altar rests a header of the east window, and a cross image flanked with the grape veins. On March 30, 2006, the Tabatskuri Red Church was granted the status of the monument of cultural heritage, and on November 7 of the same year, it was granted a category of immovable cultural monument of national importance. In the village you can also see the XIX century Armenian church, the white church of Tabatskuri.

How to get there

Tabatskuri is located 60 kilometers away from Borjomi. It is possible to get there from Akhalkalaki and Bakuriani. As you pass Bakuriani, the dirt road begins, where you can move by a Sedan. However, caution is important. In winter and early spring it is impossible to drive by car from Bakuriani side to Tabatskuri, as the road is closed. On the side of Akhalkalaki, the last section of the road is a dirt road and you can move here by a sedan. In winter, to get to Tabatskuri it is possible only from the Akhalkalaki side.

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