Tavkavta Canyon Day Hike – 24 June Tavkavta Canyon Day Hike – 24 June Tavkavta Canyon Day Hike – 24 June Tavkavta Canyon Day Hike – 24 June Tavkavta Canyon Day Hike – 24 June Tavkavta Canyon Day Hike – 24 June Tavkavta Canyon Day Hike – 24 June

About Tavkavta Canyon Day Hike – 24 June

Best time to visit: Summer, Autumn

Let’s visit one of our favorite hiking destinations – the stunning Tavkavta Canyon! There, in the deep, old forest, we will look for crystal-clear rivers, flowery meadows, and the ruins of an old, forgotten church. The views are unforgettable.

👉Date: Sat 24 Jun

👉Duration: 1 day

👉Driving distance: 130 km

👉Trip difficulty: Moderate

👉Pick-up: 09:00, Samaia Garden, Tbilisi

👉Drop-off: Around 18:00, Samaia Garden, Tbilisi (The arrival time will depend on the group’s speed and traffic)

👉Price: 120 GEL

👉Trail parameters:

Difficulty: Moderate

Distance: 12 km (A to B)

Min. elevation: 1110 m.a.s.l.

Max. elevation: 1737 m.a.s.l.

Total descent: 600 m (this trail includes a long dowhill section)

Approximate duration: 5-6 h

Trail description: The trail starts with an even flat section leading through a forest and green meadows. After the first few kilometers, the trail gently climbs toward the ruins of a medieval monastery. It then descends along a mountain path to the Kavtura River. The last secion of the hike inlcudes crossing the river several times. You will get wet! We recommend wearing hiking boots and bringing walking poles.


We will leave Tbilisi in the morning and head to the Didgori Battle Memorial, dedicated to one of the most important and famous battles in the history of Georgia.

From Didgori, we will drive off-road to Sakurtkhisi village and start our hike. Our trail begins at the elevation of 1737m.a.s.l. and is mostly downhill. It requires good hiking shoes/boots and trekking poles to minimize the impact on the body and decrease the probability of falls and mishaps.

The hike starts on an open field with a fantastic view of the mountains. It then continues to a small monastic complex containing ruins of an old medieval monastery and eventually descends into a gorge covered with an impressive, ancient forest.

Very few hikers visit Tavkavta, so the trail is untouched and covered with foliage. It follows a swift, crystal clear river, which we will cross twice (bring sandals!).

Once you cross the river, we will reach a scenic picnic spot next to a small waterfall pool where you can swim. Later, we will take a short walk (15 min) to meet our vehicle. Return to Tbilisi. The end of the tour.



✅Sightseeing/ hiking itinerary with an English-speaking guide

tour is non refundable

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Duration: 1 day

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